Brand Story

About Lizzy & Grace...

As I turned 45, I found myself single, with three kiddos grown and living on their own. I had an amazing job that I loved in retail doing visuals and displays for companies, and yet there was that little thought in the back of my mind everyday that I loved to think about.. creating artwork.

I have had a creative career my entire life. From creating murals in peoples' homes, to interior design and home staging, which merged into retail interior design.. my brain is happy when it is being creative... Throughout all those years, I knew this is something I wanted to do... someday.

Everyday this idea and desire to create this company grew larger, until one day I knew what I needed to do and I stopped making excuses.. I quit the retail display job that I loved to fullfill my dream that I loved even more. I knew this is what I wanted to do with the rest of my life

As an artist, I believe in creating spaces that will inspire creativity, develop imagination, and create smiles. I love creating timeless, classic spaces for young (and us older humans) that are sprinkled with whimsy. I love creating illustrations that tell those wordless stories that children understand at such an early age... that can be enjoyed throughout adulthood.  I want to create a space.. a world... of full of positivity and imagination for all to enjoy.


I often am asked why the name "lizzy & grace"?

Lizzy & Grace are the middle names of my two amazing daughters.