A Favorite Child

As an artist I feel a connection with each piece that I create..  That being said I feel like a guilty parent admitting to this.. I have a favorite. it is a piece that I start over a year ago... but the sentiment behind it made me take my time in creating it because I knew it had to be perfect.. more than perfect.  Timeless for me. 

The story behind my Space Whale painting goes years back. A dear friend of mine lost both parents at a young age. Each of them in their own heavy weighted, distressing circumstances. Years later overcoming cancer, a brain tumor, and cancer once again.  Still after all that the world threw at him, still he lives and loves life, and lives it filled with optimism and adventure for all the time that I have known him. 

His two favorite things are the incredible whales of the oceans and the every expanding universe and planets. So I knew I had to create something to commemorate the two things.. and Space Whale came to be.

The rider and his friend soaring through the unknow with fearless optimism, courage and curiousity.

Exactly like my friend in his world.


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